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Gotama Buddhism


The First Part : The study of the suttas in Pali Canon
Chap. 1 A study of the suttas in Pali canon
Chap. 2 looking for the essences of the 10 suttas in Pali Canon by Sumikeshi Method.
#1 Chap.1 <The All>, #2 Chap. 2 <To be understood>, #3 Chap.3 <Nibbana>,
#4 Chap. 4 < A certain monk>, #5 Chap. 5 <Sinsapa>, #6 Chap. 6 <Clansman>,
#7 Chap. 7 <Penance and Work>, #8 Chap. 8 <The Eightfold Path>,#9 Chap. 9 <Ignorance>,
#10 Chap. 10 <Dawn (the parable of the sun)>, #Extra Spoken by Tathagata
Chap.3 The list of the essences of the suttas in Pali Canon

The middle part: The Teaching of Gotama Buddha
Chap. 1 The starting point of Gotama Buddhism
Chap. 2 The arising of greed, anger, foolishness
Chap. 3 The ultimate( The highest) in Gotama Buddhism
Chap. 4 The practice method of Gotama Buddhsm (The Eightfold Path)
Chap. 5 The Ultimate Goal of Gotama Buddhism/The Four Truths

The latter part: The practice of Gotama Buddhism
Chap. 1 [I AM, NOW, HERE]
Chap. 2 Practice of The Eightfold Path
Chap. 3 To Understand the Ultimate/The Four Truths
Chap. 4 Thereafter


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