Gotama Buddhism

Chapter 4 : The Arising of Greed, Anger and Foolishness

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Sutta 2-3>

2-3> [sensation, perception, formation, consciousness] is the thing to be understood.

I drew a chart [sensation, perception, formation, consciousness]. (It is thought to be a model of brain in the days of Gotama Buddha).


 sensation       brain
 perception                formation
Consciousness; When you are awake, you are conscious and have consciousness.
Sensation; It means sense, sense of sight, sense of auditory sense, sense of smell, sense of taste, sense of touch.
Perception; It means images produced by each sense. An idea.
Formation; It means cerebral centre. It responds to images, recollecting memories and thinks.

Combined chart-1 and 2 makes chart 3. Dependent Origination-1.

 Dependent Origination-1
 |------                    consciousness
 |      |
 |      |
 light-----eye-----| |      sensation     brain
 sound-----ear-----| |      |
 scent-----nose----|-|      |
 taste-----tongue--|        perception            formation
Information emanating from outside world comes into my eye, my ear, my nose, my tongue, my body, as far as I am awake and consious. It is transformed into electric pulses, which via nerve systems, reaches my brain. It further proceeds to sensation and perception and, makes rise to images correspond- ing to the informtaion from outside world. When my celebral centre reacts to these images by recollecting memories and thinks, then activities arise. Greed, anger, foolishness arise.

Please confer Dependent Origination-2/chart-4.

 Dependent Origination-2
 |     |
 |     |
 light-----eye-----|  |     sensation     brain
 sound-----ear-----|  |
 taste-----tongue--|        perception              formation
 touch-----body----|        (gred,anger, foolishness)   |
 dhamma----mind----|                                 |-----|
 |     |
 |     |
Whenever you look beautiful flowers, greed arises to pick them up.
Whenever you see a beautiful girl, greed arises to speak to, or to be a friend.
Whenever you listen to good music, greed arises to listen to it further.
Whenever you smell good scent, greed arises to eat it.

Greed; According to natural science today, close to hypothalamus of human brain is the centre controlling diet and sex. Other greeds include desires to live, to express oneself. Other variety of greeds (desires) also arise one aer another.

Anger; One tries hard to satisfy ones greed (desire) but when failed, he gets angry. He gets mad. He speaks ill of others. He feels jealous to others. He quarrels with or, fights against someone. He may even hurts others. Countries might resort to war. They might use atomic bombs.

Foolishness; One thinks foolish things, speaks foolishly and does foolish things.

I receive information from the nature and also from other people. The latter information in the form of greed, anger, foolishness, I receive as light, sound, scent, taste and touch, which is transformed into electric pulses by my five sense organs. Then it reaches my brain via nerve systems.

All through my brain mechanism (consciousness, sensation, perception, formation), the information in the form of my greed, anger,foolishness, is to be emanated further to the nature and other people as light, sound, scent, taste and touch. This information cycle of greed, anger, foolishness should be known as dependent origination.

Dependent origination signifies this world or dukkha in Pali. Information in the form of greed, anger, foolishness cycles around this world.

Opposite to the word dukkha (greed, anger, foolishness), used is a Pali word sacca (the truth).

I have just understood 'when greed, anger, foolishness arise in me'. (2)

But this is a mere knowledge and a common sense. It is neither a wisdom nor the truth yet.

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